my anxiety left me when I left my previous school to a new school but one day it came again because some people were teasing me that I liked a guy who always made me laugh at class but the truth is I never liked I felt he was like a brother to me his behavior in. class was really funny then one day a girl came school but she didn't come to school on the previous day when she came a guy who was sitting at the back of me told the girl that the guy they were teasing me of was talking to me the whole day wen she didn't come to school I didn't know whether the guy they were teasing me of had some connections with the girl but I didn't care the next day I heard a guy telling the guy they were teasing me of that does he like me and he said no he was just joking I didn't understand but I didn't care too after that the whole class were acting soo strange and the guy was often with the girl and I kinda heard someone saying she likes him. then we went on midterm when we came back from
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