I sometimes can't sleep well, which affects my daily life and self-esteem. I am 24. I was a student in a good Hospitality Management collage in our locality, and back then it was worst. I was always late for our morning assembly.Then I was sent for our internship in Mumbai and there also the same thing continued. This thing I want to overcome insomnia once in for all, it effects my self esteem my self confidence. Due to it I have dark circles understand my eyes now and it has started to affect my self confidence more. I don't know what would I do should, this thing started form 2017 it's been 7years. I sometimes worry will I be able to sleep toning, do I look good or are this dark circles gone or still there, I look at the mirror 100 times a day. I feel I am just one step away from overcoming it once in for all now. It feels like I am in my head 24×7 just thinking just wishing and hoping bad thing to happen to people who had hurt me or critised me in tne past.
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