Binge eating disorder. Today was one of the many days of a vicious cycle . For breakfast I had milk with half cup puffed rice...around 350 calories. Returning home, at 11:40 am after school I ate 3.5 cups of cowpea chat,with jaggery syrup. Total calories 1430. I finished all of my calories. I was full and content but a negative voice stared whispering into my ears, icy cold and menacful ,moments later I was binging on jaggery , vegetable stew and 'thehri' - a rice dish. It made me more guilty and after an interval of 2 hours I again binged on 3 tbsp of jaggery, a cup of puffed rice and a 50 gm pack of biscuit and then here I am writing this anecdote , voicing it out so I might get help.
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