facing discrimination based on caste and neighbourhood issues
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Hello I settled from my hometown to a city 5 years ago I thought that In city I will make More friends We will have strong relations but after living here for 5 year I got to know that my all neighbours belong to one community that is Thakurs and I alone belongs to Schedule Caste As a result They never invite us for any occassion in their home I m ok with it But They all are casteist and at the same time very selfish If they had any work with me They came and ask for help but never helped us in any thing I m happy if they dont try to talk to us but their selfishness brought me anger inside me which I couldnt express on them bcoz there is always a chance of Fight And honestly I fear of Physical fights The Main bone of contention is an electric pole which is stood just near my house After my house there is no another electric pole as a result nearly 12 houses connections are there on 1 pole they also steal electricity The Cables of these houses are so interwined that when a strong wind blows Their electricity got disturbed and when they came to solve it There another house electricity disturb and all this they do by coming on my house terrace They are not complaining to electricity board because their work is going on through us We are not forbidding them to do that bcoz of social harmony although we have some chit chat with one or two of them still they come with besharmi and solve their problem What should I do ?

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