facing gap in relationship because of less time involvement
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Hi this is Vijay, I am in love with my girl since 8 years. She accepted my proposal after 1.5 years from the day I proposed. We were in good relationship for first 3 years, later I decided to start something on my own part time just to get settled with her as early as possible. So I started networking and from then was not able to give time, we had lot of fights, I ignored her like anything, but still I loved her and cared her prosperity. After all this, she never gave up on me. There were instances where she needed me the most but I was not there for support due to my belief in luck and all. But still never stopped loving her. And we got back again and again, we had fights she patched up. And now I left my networking as it was ruining my relationship and started fresh. Now we had fights and she wants to move on. How should I convey that I love her even more than I used to, and get the issues sorted out

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