Failure must die.
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In my mind one thing is always coming that is i want to die and make everyone free who are trying to lift me on their shoulders. I am a looser as a son, husband and as a family member and as a human being. I am a failure. Burden to my family ex specially to my wife. I am 33 now still struggling to succeed in my carrier, Trying so hard to get settled financially but it is not happening from 8 years . Still we are not having kids that means of i die their will be no responsibility to my wife to look after . Today or someday shell we'll get married to some other person who is financially settled or she will be single and will be happy with herself. As a failure person their is not right for me to be alive and be a great burden to my wife and to her family i.e., my father in law and my wife sister also . Almost they are feeding me and looking after for even my dresses etc . I am really in a mind set to die and make everyone free from this failure

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