Family abuse
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I'm facing major family abuse idk how to go through it, I am alone in room for past 2 days. then issue Is not alot big idk why they are creating like that. Yesterday i refused to share my things because I don't like to cause I don't like to lose things /or get it damaged so I never share it with my family they just crack that item or make a brand new product look like super old like ig u did understand. And one of my family member never share is phone i needed it for some emergencies related to study but still he didn't enev though I cried. how can that person expect me to give my things and all family supports him and don't take his mistake but mine. and they told this behaviour will make u failure in life, after marriage they'll just divorce you. u are so bad these mental these day etc etc etc. which hurted me. I'd what should I do? then my own mother tells me you'll never succeed in anything you are a waste each and everyday, every minute this makes negative impact in life

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