Family issues. worried about future.
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I am late for marriage. parents yell at me for that every morning, before leaving for work & after coming home tired. Every fkn day. They dont give me food. I eat outside once a day or hv maggie to save money. I earn hand to mouth with no savings. Just to exist. Got a long distance younger bf who is not giving commitment. i am 32, female. emotionally & physically not in state to find new guy. no time even to sleep. office n traveling is very hectic & draining. Brother is alcoholic, i lock myself in a room every night to avoid conflict or physical abuse. he drinks every night. dad is old very unwell from couple of months. cant leave them & cant live here. i take sleeping pills every night to get some rest. I am very nice & positive person. i dont deserve this. please help. someone pls take me out from here. wont be able to handle this for long. feeling weak in every way.. :(

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