family pressure about settlement and unable to concentrate on study
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hii ....i donot know how to say this but sometime i feel like raju rashtogi in 3 idiots ....i was good in my studies now too .....but now there is pressure on me to crack the compettition exam some throught my family and some throught my own head...i gave iit jam ...qualifies but rank was not good ...then i qualified gate again same thing.....i tried for net ...not qualified ...tifr again not ....i tried to console myself by saying its okk ....but due to these exam i lost continuity in my msc course and in my dessertation ...i am horrifies for past few months ....not even able to talk to my professer about my dessertation....because only 2 months left and now i am afraid i lost my msc ....this horrified me every sec. it feels like i kill myself and end this foreever ...but i somewhere i know this is not the solution .....this situation feels like shit ....i cannot concentrate hence i cannt study....i tried for psychriatrist too but again i cannot afford ....i donot know how to handle everything

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