fear of being judged
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I am an introvert, I have always suffered with low self esteem issues. Due to these issues, I have trouble socializing with people and participating in any activity that requires public speaking. In recent times I decided to get over these issues and also take my career a bit seriously so I joined an IELTS class where speaking is compulsory. But every time I think about my future it cares me. I'm full of self doubt. Because of these self doubts issues I end up procrastinating for hours and hours together which leads to not completing a task on time. About two weeks ago I broke up with my boyfriend. And I haven't been able to process my grief properly. I'm still in touch with him. It feels like I'm constantly arguing with him in my mind.. the argument is more like defending or justifying everything that I said or I did. It's like a never ending unrealistic conversation. This conversation goes through my head 24*7. I can't concentrate on my work.

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