fear of losing virginity
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I'm frm an asian country. I had a boyfriend years ago but now its over and I didn't hv one for years. When I was in the relationship I mastur**te once and sm blood came but it was soon after my period so I'm not sure it its that blood. The problem is I told it to my boyfriend then and he told me that now I won't be able marry another guy But things didn't work out cuz he was cutting himself hurting himself whenever I said I want to stop this However we got caught to my parents so I used it as a chance and stopped it. I think he's very angry with me ,he used to rec all my call I don't knw why not video calls tho we hv no photos together we hvnt met in private not even in a cafe but we r family friends so we met at family events but there were my parents and so many ppl after all we did a class at our house which my mother or sm family member was always there so I haven't gone anywhere with him Now I'm afraid if I hv lost my virginity he will use it against me , if I hv a boyfriend wht should I tell him ,I can't tell that I'm not a virgin cuz I haven't done it with a guy , but wht if he tells its him , my future bf won't believe me I'm so depressed abt this matter I've been thinking tricking my future bf telling blood came after sm time cuz even if my ex tell him that he has no proof cuz all my friends k w that we haven't even touch each others hand pls tell me sm way ,this is a huge matter in asian countries , I can tell my future one that masturbated an lost it but I didn't do it again cus I'm afraid

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