feeling depressed and lonely
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ok so I'm 15 year old girl who is lately feeling so depressed and lonely! i always make sure to make my close ones feel loved i always take care of everyone show them love and affection so that they never feel lonely but in return I never get the love from anyone. sometimes even I want to feel loved by someone but no one cares i feel like everyone always take me for granted. I'm not good at studies nor sports not in any other activity i feel like I'm useless nd surrounded by sucidal thoughts 24/7. i shiver all the time and don't have enough courage to tell my parents i need a doctor.i sometimes really need someone to care to love me but I've no one.the guy im in love don't feel the same for me he just likes to talk to me but again not the love. all these things are hurting and affecting me alot.please tell me what should I do.

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