feeling depressed because of being undervalued at home
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I am so angry everyday because I am not being treated right. I am the only earning person in the family..i have been supporting my mom and brother since 5 years. And the way they treat me...of course they love me.But my mom is very dominating she wants everything according to her.i don't have a say in anything. There are things that I understand and want to suggest or put my opinions..and whenever I try to do she lashes out at me.she wants me to just work and stay silent? well this is how I am ' working from home'.working Tirelessly and with lips sealed .they don't even bother if I am hungry.well I prepare meals too.i am a girl,so I am expected to do office work as well as home chores.lol. while my younger brother enjoys playing games on mobile as his online classes are not yet started.how can I survive here where my mom is such patriarchal.

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