feeling hopeless
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my bf's frnd has put his name on her bio with a heart and earth sign, i asked him he said he doesnt know told me to ask her why she has put. he was in wedding so was not able to talk muxh i was here overthibking over this so i was asinf repeatedly, angry he got and said tujhe trusy nhi h jaa jis nrzi se puxh tujhe h trust issues mujhe nhi. maine kaha agr clear nhi kr skta to mt kr kehta ki tujhe itna shaq h to mt reh doors are open, you can go if u wanna go,. then after this we are not takking muxh we havent broken up but he said in ager. i aked astroloegrs on astrotalk i was so stresses i kept asking then and mere laise bhi kafi ud gae, they r sayibg he is geting infkuende by this girl and al. even when i try to talk to him all of thei words are xominh in ny mind that he is now influenced by that girl. my frnds are syaibg baat krna bnd krde ye vo. idk mai jyu ab hnari dhng se baat bhi ji horibor mere dinag me inki vaatein aai jaari h

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