Feeling left out at school
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Feeling left out So I have a group of "friends" at school I swear I always feel left out with them and it hurts so much 😭 but rn I just don't care I just feel embarrassed cause I'm the only one not talking it's like I suddenly don't have anything to say they always tag each other in things like the whole group except methen I'm like Damm what about me πŸ˜€ but it's not their fault I fee left outs it mine I should just talk more and talk to them but I just don't know hwo to I just dont know and when they all look at me I get nervous and stuff, ever since school started I felt left out for months and months and I'm honestly so tired and I know you guys r like make new friends idk how to I'm such an awkward person 😭 I wish I was an extrovert 😐 like I really don't know how to make friends

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