Feeling low as nothing is working out in my favour
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Guys, I need help 1. Broke up with my bf 2 days back as he was disrespecting me and questioning my character and standards. It's stupid of me but I miss him now.. but I also don't wanna reconcile as my parents are looking for matches for me.. What should I do? 2. My father is fixing dates for the boys' family to come see me without even telling me. He is not asking for my opinion and is lying to them that I've said yes. I feel like I'm an object being put up for display. I'm scared for my future :( 3. I've been unemployed for a long time hence I'm not able to move on from thoughts of my ex.. Years back, my father called my boss and told her I would no longer be working. He has not let me work since then, reason is unknown to me. Also he has been lying to everyone, telling them that I'm working for a firm. I feel helpless and depressed. I just want to die.. My bf was all I had. I miss his hugs, the warmth, and his love :(

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