feeling of guilt and depression, negative perception about self
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I have toxic siblings . I hate myself . I don't have brain . I am dumb . I am not worthy to my dreams . I am toxic to others . I annoy my parents to death . I am hurting my parents and siblings . I have snatched their opportunities . I have eaten all saving money of my father . I should not live anymore. It is good to hurt my self physically so that I can rid of my sins . I should cry all the time so that I can realise my life cannot be good anymore. I should torture myself . I should hate myself because it is what I deserve . I should not follow my dreams if I failed because I am dumb I am not worthy for it . I must criticize by everyone on this world . I should work all the time till to leave my last breath which is irrelevant to my purpose. I should not go to see the doctor if I am sick because I am dumb I can't earn I don't look good I am girl . I should just hate myseld to death . I should just be used by my parents to make harmony at home I should keep silent and just be criticized because am unable to do good things since I am dumb . I should not like guys because you know being girl is disgusting if I like guys and to remove this disgust sign I should just get married to an anonymous guy . I should be responsible every mistake of my brother because he is younger and had sick when he was born. I should just do all work that make my siblings and parents life progressive because I am girl . Right ? Why am I girl ?

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