feeling of infatuation
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so im in 11th and about to go in 12th now there is this girl in my batch who ive been talking to year now at forst it was just our intrests since we both are weebs and philosphical we tend to talk abt it there was nothing untill a year later that is now ive started talong deep intrest in her i hav started accumulating feeling for this girl she is like the best student in class always on top and her personality is really attractive to me being the guy i am i tend to look into intrests and not care abt looks at first i used to look up to her as a classmate but now i feel there is more i feel for her i know 12th is the year that decides my career but without this out of the way i dont know if ill be able to concentrate much i dunno what i shd do wether keep talking or just supress these feelings and move on we share the same intrests she feels relationships are a waste of time and that frnds are good enough so i dont know how i must deal with these feleings

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