feeling of loneliness and not being loved by family members
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I'm 24yrs old. I was the happiest soul but after a time I lost everything one by one. My family is broken bcz my elder brother left home n from that time I took responsibilities of my fmly bcz I cannot leave my parents even if they nvr showed me what I means to them.They always cried for their son. For them I'm just a girl who is nothing infront of his Doctor son. I got a job but not truly happy with that. I recently had a brkup bcz I choose my parents over love and my life. I pushed away all my friends bcz I wasn't able to handle my own shit of life. Now no one is here whom I can trust. Few frnds are there but I cannot share them how vulnerable, sad nd broken I am bcz they always accepted me n saw me like a cherish n the happiest girl who makes everyone's smile. I cannot share this with my family bcz they are not open to talk on such topics/issues. Even if they start talking I cannot hurt them knowing what pinch them from inside..discussing fmly issues n all..For the first time in life I don't know what I'm doing and what I need to do. I have no plans. I feel like I failed in life. I couldn't save my family, love or having such good career. Luck was never with me but I tried alot to fix things. Now, feels like I'm tired of making things perfect in life when it's not even close to good. I handled my feelings every single day but I lost my patience.I have a feeling of suicide.I lost peace in my life. I swear I never thought about myself before my family n fnds..but if they are seeing just their own side then there is no point to live. I'm done.

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