Feeling of not being understood
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Let ne rant a little.Evet felt so lonely that you start losing your self esteem.At this point of my life I don’t know who to trust,who is real,who is actually there for ne.Me being a sensitive person doesn’t help.Getting upset on the silliest of things is the kind of person I am.You'd find me laughing and then the very next moment feeling down.At this point I feel being let down by so many.I have ny fair share of friends but they are just not it.I went down a little memory lane today,observed the events that have taken place in the few months that have passed.People would say I’m simply stretching the matter when I’m not.How do they expect me to forget everything.It hasn’t even been that many months since that they.They say they’ve forgotten it all so should I but us it that easy to forget something that has caused a havoc in your life? Brought you to a point when you were almost suicidal.Every night as I lay awake or be a certain period of the day when I’m alone,that call haunts me.I cannot help but think about it again and again.I swear I try to forget about it but my subconscious doesn’t let me.They say I’m stretching the matter everytime I try to let my thoughts out.Everytime I try to speak out what’s actually going on inside my head they shut me up with a ‘we’ve forgotten about it.You forget about it too'. Everytime I see them laugh and have a gala time,I cannot help but think of how they have caused a havoc in my life yet they’re have the time of the life.I cannot help but think about how they’ve let my trust down and have left a scar within me which will never let me trust anyone.I cannot help but think about how normal they act with me as if they haven’t caused a mayhem.I'm not over it.I can never be over it.I haven’t moved on from it.I won’t deny about me having my fair share of fault in it but what they did was wrong.Anybody would let their thoughts out loud infront of somebody they trust.That's what I did.Let my thoughts out loud infront of her only to later know there’s a whole lot of people in the call.Can you imagine what itmust have felt like? I could see my life totally crumbling down into pieces.I was made a laughing stock. People are such hypocrites while they’d talk about another’s back it’d be wrong of me if I do the same.Honestly,I cannot help but hate her.I show myself as somebody who’ve moved passed It yet I’m still vulnerable. I cannot help but think about how I'll be bullied in my new school.I'm stuck in between these rich brats.Honestly,my life feels like a Netflix teen drama,you've the rich brats group here,the nerdy creep,the narcissist,my fake friends,the body shaming,looking down at people for their status.This is sick

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