Feeling of not havinv any support
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I don't fell happy in College. i don't have a single friend. I was alone from childhood because of this loneliness I am much depressed. No Family Support No one is mine....I want to cry my heart out to my mother but she always asks about study and father directly asks how is study what topics have you covered no questions to life I feel like I have no existence.I tried to indulge myself in Weed Went Hippie places ....It gives me pleasure but then I am again depressed...I have no one in my life.... Sometimes I feel like to go far away but how far will I go..... Spirituality and Self Love I am doing but that doesn't help me much.....I have no close contact with anyone in life....I realised one thing when you are alive people don't value you when you die or get by suicide people will say He should have come to us These people were yesterday those people who were telling their problems and I was listening them peacefully but when my turn came they all disappeared and vanished....Please tell me what to do?

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