Feeling Sad & lonely. Need help.
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Hello everyone, I am 17 years old boy, not very good looking and have a plump like physique and not very witty to impart upon you a good impression of mine. This is my last year in school but as usual i have no friends to hangout with. I try my best to socialize with them but still is the one being left out and feel lonely. People talk with me and i do initiate conversations but every time I am not invited to any social meet-ups and not able to be part of their groups. I feel like being lonely and this feeling constantly makes my self esteem go down and I feel insecure of being alone in future. I am the only one to reach out people whereas people don't assume me as worth approaching. What should i do ? Is being alone ok for me ? How to overcome my sadness of being socially allienated ? How to grow up my self esteem? I am very hopeful of someone helping me by catering their valuable advice into this matter. It would be deeply appreciated. ♥️♥️

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