Feeling stressed, angry, sad and low, all at the same time
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I feel very stressed and depressed about a lot of things in my life. I am a 27 yo guy from India, there are certain things in my life that have shaped me to be the way I am today. I had a very troubled childhood because of my father who was an alcoholic. I grew up to be a very short tempered person because of that. I have no support from any relatives, or anyone on any matter. I have a lot of responsibilities at home including my elder sister's marriage which gets cancelled due to some issue or the other, due to which I feel stressed and sometimes I shout at my mom or sister when they aren't listening to me. I feel like a really bad son and brother. I feel really guilty and sad that I am not doing enough for them. I feel heaviness in my mind all the time. Am I a really bad person? please help me I want to feel better, I want to change. I feel sad and low all the time.

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