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From last fews days , i am feeling like crying every now and then . I realised i am from inside , though i show off i am too strong and able to face every situation . But i accept i am weak ,i am unable handle even little pressure . I am weak at handling life hurdles . I am unable to face people and tell them what i am going through . I know it's need of time to express my feelings in front of my parents regarding my dreams and wants , and stand up for myself ,and tell them ,i can't do things for them always to make them happy and satisfied , sometimes my decision can dishearten them , . i have to tell them that they should be understanding , . But whenever i decide to confront them and try to talk to them , i become weak , not even a word come put of my mouth , i started feeling like crying . why i am not strictly . And from last few days , i have strong feelings of how god is unfair to me , I think i deserve better but i always get less . i am trying to be strong and face thing

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