feeling towards a friend
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I have a friend or had a friend, we knew each other for 4-5 years and were sharing each and everything's of our lives. I used to tell her about how i had a crush on someone from my college and she used to do the same thing, gradually I felt like i loved her but was unable to tell her as she was talking to some other guy, one day I thought to just tell her and she will understand, so i did that, she said that she understands that feeling and was in the same place as me right now, and this is just a phase, i will get over it. But this thing, this feeling keeps getting bigger and bigger. Now we can't share each and everything with each other, as she think that talking about other guy in front of me would hurt me, and i just can't say anything openly anymore because 'its just a phase' what should I do... i had only her to talk about what i was feeling other than her there's nobody in my life who can understand the feelin.

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