felling of loneliness, anxiety, depression and stress
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Hello, I'm 19 years old. There has been lot of things going on lately in life. I will try to put everything here in short. There has been many family issues since my childhood and my parents are deeply affected by it. The main causes of this thing are my close relatives. I have also been going through a childhood trauma which I'm deeply ashamed to talk about and this feeling hits me on a daily basis, it makes me feel worse everytime. I have always tried to be positive and avoid things like this to divert my mind but it still somehow makes me sad everytime. 3months ago, my close relative died who was very close to me and I haven't experienced any close one's death so this death has hit me hard. On the same day, my dad got transferred again to another city and now he has to live there alone because he can't do updown. For 18years I had lived in my hometown but last year we had to shift to another city due to my dad's transfer. I feel lonely here. And since this pandemic came, the loneliness is becoming worst. O somehow managed to avoid these feelings, I felt good too, but it came again. And now my mother is also going to live with my dad since we can't leave my dad alone in another city as this Corona phase is not at all safe. Therefore, me and my elder brother is going to stay here and we have to manage everything. So now again the loneliness is going to be there with me. I try so hard to avoid things. I'm not able to meet my friends, I don't feel like talking to them on calls or video calls, I requested them to speak to me on texts and many of them got offended and we're not talking currently. I also lost some of my best friends whom I always wanted them to be there in my life. So basically the feeling of loneliness, anxiety, depression, the tension of my career and studies, etc are hitting me so badly. I used top draw sketches, play guitar, i was a bright person and now I'm unable to do anything, I think of starting these things again to avoid negative aspects but still I just couldn't do these things.

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