friend to enemy
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i have a very close friend of mine. we share the same vibe.i have an enemy whom i dislike so much.i told about everything my enemy did with me to the close friend of mine.ask soon as my that enemy came to know about me being close with her.she started to treated her as someone special. and i know that she is doing all this purposely as she used to be my bestfriend earlier.i asked the close friend of mine to not go to her.she knows how I feel and all,she still be with her.i asked her that i feel bad and all so she said that i have a special place in her heart that's why i don't need to worry and all. but that enemy of mine always try to make me feel bad by being close to her.i know that she is only trying to be close to her because i am.i tried to explain it to my friend,she understood me but she still keep getting close to her.should I still be with my friend or should I stop because i only have her as my close friend whom i can trust in my whole class.should i still trust her?

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