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I have a problem which is increasing day by day.. I had a friend (guy friend). once upon a time we were very good friends sort of best friends..he started developing feelings for me..but I had feelings for someone(my boyfriend) and he knew about it..but I didn't disclose him about my boyfriend as I didn't want to loose him.but due to some misunderstanding we had a fight and we stopped talking..then after 1 year of gap he texted me back .and we used to chat normally..but I started hearing rumours that I am playing with feelings of boyfriend and also with the feelings of guy friend but he( guy friend) already know I have a boyfriend..then why people are thinking like this..they are telling I m characterless..and now a days I m very much worried about what others think of me..I cared a lot what others say about me...and this is increasing day by day giving me anxiety attack...please someone help me..what should I do?

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