Got assaulted in public
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hi all, I am a male 27 years old and I just get assaulted in public...I was returning from electrical shop, and then just 5 min before I can reach home, one uncle of around 40 age asked me to give company for 1km for some reason, so as he was older, I sat on his bike, then he started assaulting actions on the bike, he Started it by asking my name and where I live...I thought he was doing small talk so I told...then he started weird talks ans questions...I didn't stopped immediately as these type of people can do anything if they gets angry so I sat silent as I said please drop me now..he didn't stopped and went till 1km in a dark area and started assaulting in full mode ..I tried to pull my hand but he gets in other mode...then I shouted please are you mad..what are you doing uncle.. then he left... I am little traumatized right now....😔😔

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