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Gud day fellow I am ears crew I'm a 17 year old gal who hasn't known how to take decisions on my own so this is my story.....I've got a male frnd and at this point my mom doesn't approve of dat frndship and it really hurts me to the core but then again I come to realize dat she's not approving coz she wants the worst for me but she wants the best and my male frnd is one of those ppl I still wanna keep in my life forever but he once betrayed me probably twice and I'm still struggling to forgive him a bit coz dat betrayal somehow took me back to having low self-esteem about myself and I'm trying to deal with all this anxiety but it looks like I might end up into severe depression so if y'all could help about the situation plz help I would really appreciate it coz yeah I'm stuck in a position of choosing between two ppl dat I love most and I know I'm still young to talk of love and all but my male frnd is really trying hard to make me forgive him and I don't wanna lose my mom too

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