guilt of a misunderstanding between friends
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I had a friend who is really close to me.But due to misunderstanding things are become quite bad. She suddenly stopped talking to me.Around 5-6 i get depresses thinking about her.always figure out how should i contact her and talk to her about what happened.When things are getting out of control so i search some stuff on internet about friend back through some spiritual practices things.i contacted that guy and he ask me a photo of her and me.So i shared pictures with and after some time i realised that is a not a right thing to do. I said no that guy and but I told him to delete those photographs because this conversation become rude still he agree to delete the pictures in a rude manner.I don't why i have guilt of sharing picture with him.I also told him to not do anything. Still that guilt haunt me so that i am not able to concentrate on my career and spoiled time day by day because that guilt. I didn't do anything wrong still that guilt feels miserable.

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