Guilt of being rude to someone and feeling of loneliness and anxiety
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Hi i am dating a girl since last 2 years, and she helped me get through my worst time with her moral support.Recently she lost her job due to covid and she did not tell me anything about it, I got anxious and I tried asking her the problem and she ghosted me.During this process i told her certain things which I could not have told and blocked her on my mobile.But later I realized my mistake after 2 days and got in touch with her, she is acting all weird and nothing seems to be as it was before.She told me she does not have feeling for me anymore, and when i asked her if should I go away or can't we make it right, she told me that she never asked me to go away.I am getting these guilt trips that I can not help her when she needed the most, and she was there for me when I needed moral support.I am feeling very anxious what should i do Please advise.

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