guilt of being unable to fulfil parent's expectation
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Hi!I am a neet aspirant.its not like I am very bad at study.i know if I study seriously I know I will qualify neet.but in my family everyone is pushing me to medical career.they are behaving like there is no future if I don't become a doctor. I also myself don't know what I like to do,I mean I have no idea which career I want. from childhood my father told me after+2 I have to qualify neet and have to become a doctor but I have no idea I want it or not. I just want any normal job with which I can live independently. but my father wants me to be a doctor. it was dream to become a doctor.but due to circumstances he couldn't.but I meant, why don't u consider my choice,I mean did he give birth to me so that I can fulfill his unfulfilled dream.but I have also got a life and dream .I am already 18 and I am treated like a child.the more everyone wants me to be a doctor, the more I don't want to.please..give me some advice,many times I even think of running away from house, but at last moment I always hesitate.i know it may be simple from others opinion,but from my point of view I even wants to suicide sometimes,I even tried but whenever I think of the happy moments with my family I don't wanna.but when it comes to study please I will be greatful if anyone can help me.

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