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guyysss im in my worst condition exactly.i had a 1yr relationship 2yr ago.he decided to left from me.during this june 2022he message's me.apologized. called me whenever he got time.but recently one girl messages me by saying she is also once his lover and cheated by him.there is also one girl like this and i know her personally after our brkup i met this girl. anyway the girl who messaged me said that she want to inform his new girlfriend abt this. because he had always have 2 or more relation at same time. all the girls were fell in love with him very seriously bt he wasn't. at last we contacted his new girlfriend then we realized that that was a 2yr relationship which started during the middle when I had relationship with him.literally he cheated me and that girl showing fake love same time.and after our brkup also he continued this relationship and again he keep another girl for his sexual needs and she was very serious abt the 2yr relation i also felt guilty..

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