guilty of not being able to tell parents
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Well now this is something wierd but i am in was in broke...i k kinda in a good state (kind of, not completely) but thats not the problem. I still love this guy nd i always will. Even though i dont end up with him in future a part of him will always be in be. Now THE PROBLEM is that my family doesn't know about this guy....nd i kind of feel they love me a lot nd i feel like i m cheating on them. Not because they dont know kr something...but even if i had to tell them i feel i would be cheating on them...especially my dad. He is the person who loves me the most on this planet even if i might not be perfect....nd i feel like i am cheating on him by loving this guy. I broke up because of the same issue. But i can end a relationship but i cant end love. Nd i cant tell my family cuz thats all of a different issue of class creed caste nd etc.

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