guys plz help me I am tired with my life and thinking of ending it
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Okay so hey everyone lemme tell you my story so it's usually said life is full of ups and downs but I will say my life is full of downs so when I was 11 my elder brother who was closet to me expired and I was quite good in studies so my parents had a lot of expectations from me but when my brother died my grades started decreasing and now when i am in 12th i met a girl through social media and i started loving her and expressed my feelings for her she also liked me back but all of a sudden she said we must be good friends first on which I agreed cause i don't want to lose her but she has a crush on her best friend by the God grace she gradually give up on her best friend but she has crush on her one more old friend and now from past 2 days she was not coming online and I was feeling a inner voice like she is not well and then i asked about her from her female best friend and I went to temple to pray for her health but she fight with me for asking and sometime i feel she is not talking

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