H, My name is Nickie not my real name, I'm glad I'm sharing this
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Sometimes when I'm alone i always think what if i die tomorrow, what if something bad happen to me again. I just realized I'm afraid of death, i want to believe in god but of course u wouldn't blame me something bad always happens to me. And also always think why i feel like if i die i go to hell and suffer It's just I'm afraid of death and I'm afraid I'm gonna go to hell because of what i did. I always blame my self because of what bad i did. But sometimes when I'm happy i forget abt it why I'm afraid of everything, i always act like I'm strong but I'm not. I hope I woke up later and i feel okay again it's just i have so many sins that i always regret. I can't forget them it always comes to my mind when I'm alone that's why i always hanging out with my friends, but i always feel so lonely when they don't talk to me. I hope i find someone a friend who i really can talk with that i can really trust, It's just it's hard to trust now

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