habit of masturbation, depressed because of not being able to control it
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I am 17 yrs old and i have my neet exam (medical entrance exam) in 1.5 months.I am preparing but am not able to focus and i am scoring enough marks to get selected in tests even though when my friends score better....i feel suicidal ... also my crush is in love with me ..we both love each other but due to exams we are avoiding things but i always feel depressed ......i have a lot of potential but due to stress and anxiety i dont study a bit .......I cry during nights till 4 am instead of studying ....my heartbeat is always high ....and when i try to focus i feel low and idk whats happening...i am loosing interest in everything....i dont even take diet properly...i just know that mental health is more important than anything..i motivate myself then again get depressed idk what should i do to work efficiently

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