Hard times take you to the good times
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I dont know but I just feel that I am not important to anyone,I am 2nd or 3rd priority to everyone.sometimes I just feel that I am not good enough or I can't handle anything or I am not good at anything. I am feeling very depressed and hurt My friend left me as i was his 2nd priority and my mom and dad always gives me second hand things i always ask myself that do I dont deserve that much importance and new things why do I always get old gadgets of my elder brothers and sister even for the first time I buy for myself amd he took from me,Dont they even care about my feelings whenever I get sad or depressed I always ask myself this one question Who Cares ? and the answer I get into my mind is always no one Then why am I living Then the answer is to fulfill my dreams And I cant die without fulfilling my dreams.But still sometimes it hurts like hell and we cant explain ourself to anyone because their is no one who can understand us.But their is a hope that one day I will smile again.

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