Hard to breath at my workplace
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So it's been some days, I can't breath properly because of the anxiety. I spend my 9 hours max in my office from like 8 till 5 or 6. and my boss doesn't even value me. Plus I fell in love with a guy who is very immature. I am a person who keeps to herself only. I don't talk or gossip with anyone which isn't needed. It's just I was never like this I was very talkative and extrovert who loved to talk but as time passed I have become an introvert and shy person. I don't know what I should do. ? I have to earn for myself, I just can't resign but I don't have motivation to do anything it's just I am never valued. my choices are never valued. I deserve so much but I never get that and someone else gets things which are meant for me. I am suffering from mental health from 8 years now. I don't know how long I have to suffer more.

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