Hard to focus
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hi I am a teen and its hard for me to express myself and so whenever anything bad happens that I don't want to face I just go into my imaginative world there I have everything and I am happy there but the thing is it has stopped helping me I have tried to get out of it but I am pulled back in everytime plus I am preparing for jee and because of my imaginations I can't focus on my studies no matter how hard I try can someone help me I have tried to ask for help from my friends but it didn't help either plus they all are in colleges and have started a new life which just makes me feel bad about myself and I am just so messed up right now I am even a porn addict can someone help me please I could have gotten a good college based on my 12th percentage but it was quiet expensive there's a lot going on in my head and I don't know how to face it or waht to say I just want to get out of my I maginative world and focus on my studies can someone help me please.

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