having a toxic relationship with parents
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can anyone say me what can be done when u feel ur parents are turing out to be toxic around u ? im a single child and have no siblings to share my mental condition . since childhood ive tried my best to make my parents happy have studied hard ,scored well ,completed my graduation and got a job ,but there seems to be no reason or no point that would ever make my mother happy .ofcourse she loves me a lot but i feel ive no value infront of her ,she tries to find a fault in every single thing i do (even the small ones) i tried to open up and said what her behaviour is doing to me ,but theres always someone ready out there to whom i can be compared .Things were fine when i was out but in this pandemic situation, this kind of pressure is making me question my self worth i feel so low . Also every now and then whenever my parents have a fight it effects me a lot , i feel im the only one reason thats making them to hold eachother for so long . I dont know what to do and deal with so many things around me . This has made me turn toxic for any relationships , whenever i find myself getting close to someone i have this constant fear that the future will unfold similar to what im seeing right now . so this breaks me down even more . if theres somone who reads my post and helps me out it would really be helpful cuz at this moment i need something like this . i know we are all having a serious time in our lives right now cuz of pandemic , i hope we see good things coming ..ty

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