Having anger issues
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Counsellor plz answer this. I get angry and later I feel very much guilt. Actually I am constantly trying to improve myself, but when I got 36/40 in hindi which is somewhat an average marks ny mother said very good score in a negative way and started saying how much percent is that and people are scoring 100percent in 10th and 12th u can't score full even in 8th , that brings me very much anger and sadness as I try so hard to constantly improve and she always wants Full marks , when I get full marks also there is no reaction from her side she says it was so easy what's the big deal . No matter how much I study she will say u just do timepass,she is having the habit of saying one thing again and again , pointing small mistakes in everything etc.i fully focus on my studies and dont do timeless but it takes time to improve. but she is very good from heart . And I cannot control my anger and I get irritated and start screaming and speaking annoying things making her feel very sad . Plz tell how can I control my anger , I have some other personal things also going on in my mind which can't be sorted out by me as it's not in my Hand which sometimes angers me . Plz tell how can I control my anger and make my mind peaceful.

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