having extremely sucidal thoughts and depression
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about 20 or 25 days ago I watched a horror movie named smile. it was very disturbing. the climax was very bad. in the climax scene they first show that the protagonist has won against the evil demon but then they show that this was just the protagonist's imagination that she won from the demon but the demon was still alive and he kills the protagonist by burning her and then the curse passes to the friend of the protagonist and the movie ends with this disturbing climax. I am having severe anxiety while writing this and its very difficult😣 to even write about this. since I watched that movie I am having fear, anxiety, depression, strong sucidal thoughts and other very negative thoughts, derealization, etc. sometimes I get pannic attcks when I fail to control my negative thoughts.i have tried alot to make my myself understand that it was just a movie but its not working. I don't have money to buy any paid therapy session. someone please, please, please help me. I want to live. 😭😭

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