he is sweet sometimes too but he is greedy, toxic, and does not care about money
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So it all started when my brother met a girl online. He seemed too happy. I don't know why they broke up but i surely do know that he is a toxic person. And that girl now has a boyfriend. He was too good. Had average grades and was good . Always had time for people. Now it all has changed. He doesn't respect our parents. He beats them like strangling their necks. Which is a thing that i can't explain. Not in that sense or to kill them but because they don't let him be on his phone 24/7 . To keep him away from the mobile. Idk why but it has a different affect on me. I mean what would u feel as a kid who has pre boards in less than 10 days and these things are happening in front of you. He use to respect our father but today he called him like with no respect. I don't know why but i feel so helpless that i am seeing all these things. Experiencing them. Seeing them happening in front of me but i can't seem to do anything of it. It's just like i dont know. I also get beaten sometimes.

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