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As a socially inactive person and having terrible food anxiety I barely eat anything in public but now in this month I have 3 public eating and it went so good and i didn't even feel anxious I enjoyed so much and it's surprising that it's the first time i enjoy public events and i also don't like to take photos of myself I had like 2or 3 photos of mine I have group photos a lot a just take photos when I'm with my friends or maybe family.I think that I'm not pretty so i stop taking pictures but as today I take my picture by myself without any friends around me the pictures are kinda no quite good I think healing and accepting myself the way I am it's feels so unreal as I never ever thought of being out of the anxiety cage but it's started to break now I don't hesitate like before just for going out. I'm just posting this to share what I feel this app and people here help me so much that I can't even express in words.whoever is now going through tough times just be patient and keepgoing

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