health anxiety which got triggered because of pandemic, business loss and family issues, its slowly getting back on track but still experiencing physiological symptoms
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Poor English.. it started with Covid-19 my business went down in the days of lock down in march 2020. in April started feeling sick there was nothing wrong with my health but as it was covid spreading and news everywhere i thought i got infected but it was just a IBS(irritable bowel syndrome) , indigestion, heartburn, shortage of breath i kept thinking and worrying that i am corona infected. that made me sick more worrying and thinking about death. anyways went to my country in July as my business was already shut down. got married on aug 2020 and than the family problems after marrriage made me more sick. because of stress tensions anxiety i was facing problems like indigestion , heart burn shortage of breathing, burning feet, constipation(main problem) whenever i went to doctors they scaned and took tests and always said there is nothing wrong with you you're fine. than a doctor in november 15th told me your sick because of hypertension and stress. he gave me meds i kept taking those until yet and now im back to the country where i have my business things are slowly getting fixed like family issues and business related but my health there is no improvement im still feeling same, constipation and ibs symptoms. please somebody help me to get rid of it.

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