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I don't know how to start but let me try. So I am a student and in a small nuclear family. My sibling in younger to me and I love him dearly. He is almost like a son to me (though we are only 2 yrs apart). But at night he was touching me inappropriately. This is not the first time. last time I confronted him to which he denied and said that he was in sleep and did not intended it. I believed him even though I was sure that he lied. It's because I did not want to be angry or ruin our relationship. I gave him a chance. But he did it again recently. I felt disgusting. I hate it. I hate him. I am not willing to forgive him this time. but I can't tell my parents cause they are facing problems in their relationship too. My father has a suspected affair and they constantly fight over it. My mother believes that all men are characterless but the only hope of her is my brother. and I don't want to let her know how disgusting he too has turned out. I am just feeling messed up.

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