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I had feelings for my parallel cousin and when we where texting he knew I had feelings for him and he said he had feelings for me to then we started meeting and got a bit intimate for 1 Yr, he asked me for sex and I disagree after than I could sense some changes in his feelings towards me idk if it is in my mind or even in reality he never ask me out but he goes out all weekend with is friends and crushes (I kinda got jealous and asked him abt it) and send snaps, he doesn't text me with love, some time he doesn't text me for days together he didn't remember my birthday, I felt so bad about everything and asked him what was the reason for all this change he said he was busy with his work life and I asked him are you so busy that u don't have time for me and he didn't answer for this (when we where close to he was working frm home) and he stopped texting me now I'm kind off going crazy with my thoughts was I being to cringy was i asking for more😭 I'm not able to concentrate on my exams

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