Help me with this Health Anxiety
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Hi! I am 17 years old boy and I am having health anxiety from February and I always think that I have cancer. This anxiety started when I was having viral fever in January and I searched my symptoms on Google. this was my worst mistake. i always cry sometimes and I have fluctuating appetite. sometimes I want to eat more and sometimes I don't even want to eat. i had lost my weight and this makes ever my anxiety worse. i also feel week and sometimes I get overwhelmed. i always want to not to search on google but my anxiety force me to do this. i am not having sleep issues but when I wake up in the morning, I feel very anxious that ruin my whole day. i always check my body temperature thrice in a day. and when my body temperature gets 98.8 I feel like that I have some big disease. i want to get out of this hell. i am not able to live my life peacefully. please help me with some suggestions. thank you!

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